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Zurich, Vorarlberg

Revolutionizing the use of light with Zumtobel

Austrian lighting manufacturer Zumtobel is an internationally leading manufacturer of lighting solutions, enabling people to experience the interplay of light and architecture. By looking at the ways light inspires art, design, and architecture, our long-standing partnership with Zumtobel explores the people and spaces that promote creativity and communication. From architects and designers to photographers, the way each utilizes light deeply affects their practice. Each of our interview portraits and features with Zumtobel highlights a differing approach.

The goal of the collaboration between Zumtobel and Friends of Friends was to integrate Zumtobel’s network and interest for design within the fabric of FvF while subtly highlighting their innovative lighting solutions.

Branded Content

FvF produced a series of four features for the online magazine in collaboration with Zumtobel, a leading international supplier of integral lighting solutions as part of a barter deal to subtly place the brand within the FvF network. The features highlighted Zumtobel’s origin in Vorarlberg, Austria’s design and architecture faven as well other design and architecture focused topics.

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Friends of Friends & Zumtobel