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2018 - present


Buenos Aires, Helsinki, Melbourne

Exploring how the city shapes creativity

German fashion brand Windsor prides itself on timeless style and contemporary quality. Traditional craftsmanship and creative innovation go into every garment they produce. Heritage brand Windsor designs clothing that is sustainable and resource-oriented rather than fast-moving.

Friends of Friends Productions collaborated with Windsor to produce a series of personal city guides in Buenos Aires, Helsinki and Melbourne with a local showing his/her favourite places and hot spots. As part of the guide the protagonists will be dressed in a Windsor outfit.

Branded Content

Our partnership with Windsor portrays international creatives in their home cities, exploring their practices and how each place fuels their creativity. Windsor’s campaigns and fashion lines are seasonally inspired by different cities worldwide, these include Buenos Aires, Helsinki and Melbourne. Through trust and local access, Friends of Friends provides inspiring and real personal connections and insights on these selected campaign cities.

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