Working Creatively with Nature



  • Weleda


  • Conceptualization
  • Editorial
  • Photography


2016 – Present





Females changing the game of environmental and social engagement

In an ongoing collaboration with Werde Magazine, a quarterly print publication by natural cosmetics brand Weleda, we step into the homes and workplaces of inspiring and creative women whose work is closely related to nature. Whether artists, founders, or activists, what our protagonists each share is their foresight, passion and empathetic view of the world. Their powerful stories prove the beauty that lies in contributing to a better world with one’s own work.

Giving a platform to unusual practices

For every issue of Werde Magazine, FvF produces an insightful story around one protagonist, from harvesting herbs in Greece’s remote countryside, following the practice of a doula in Moscow to immersing ourselves in a world of botanical illustration in London.

FvF created the overall concept for the series and crafts a sensitive storyline for each of our intimate portraits, requiring extensive research and a very personal approach in the selection of protagonists. With the support of FvF’s international network of photographers and writers we organize productions in remote as well as urban areas. The final story is printed in Werde Magazine and, to coincide with the release, we publish a distinct version on FvF as well as promoting it through our social media channels.

  • Evangelia – Entrepreneur
  • Katie Scott – Illustrator
  • Ruby Barber – florist
  • Helen Levi – Ceramicist