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Siemens Home Appliances “Culinary Encounters”

As part of an ongoing collaboration, Freunde von Freunden produces inspiring personality-based editorial features and short documentary films for Siemens Home Appliances.

In an innovative two-part format titled Culinary Encounters, FvF profiled chefs and culinary visionaries from across Europe. The protagonists included Linda Granebring, chef of The Broken Arm in Paris, Marente van der Valk, Maastricht-based chef and food stylist, Sophia Rudolph, chef of Berlin-based restaurant Panama, and Christina Hjeltnes Grønning,sous chef of Zentralen in Oslo. The first half of the format included editorial stories and intimate two-minute portrait videos presenting the protagonists in their authentic home environments, sourcing the ingredients for their favorite recipes and showcasing their unique cooking techniques. Along the way, the protagonists discussed cultural preferences as well as personal perspectives on global food culture.

They were then invited to prepare a meal in our Berlin Friends Space for a further video that showcased the appliances of our Siemens Home kitchen. By also including a select group of attendees for the meal after it was prepared, the chef was shown interacting with not only the food and appliances, but also their guests, providing a ‘human touch’ to the video.

  • Christina Hjeltnes Grønning FvF Video
  • Christina Hjeltnes Grønning Siemens Video
  • Sophia Rudolph FvF Video
  • Sophia Rudolph Siemens Video
  • Linda Granebring FvF Video
  • Linda Granebring Siemens Video
  • Marente van der Valk FvF Video
  • Marente van der Valk Siemens Video