A Global Campaign Re-inventing Kitchen Design

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The concept and production of campaign films and images for the Built-in Kitchen campaign by Siemens Home Appliances.

Leading-edge creatives re-define functionalities and design to create a kitchen driven by personal needs and inspiration. This was the basic goal, briefing and campaign idea for the global campaign by Siemens Home Appliances to introduce their new kitchen appliances.

Friends of Friends produced insightful disruptor portraits and followed a complex kitchen design and construction process: From personal ideas, sketches, planning and manufactory visits to installment in the FvF Friends Space.

The concept created personal perspectives and original storylines that merge in a unique innovative kitchen design. The result, the real life kitchen, shows a complete system of appliances for different purposes.

Services include overall content concept, creative direction and execution, visual narratives, video and photo productions of all campaign videos. Creative talent and disruptors in the videos and images featured designers Katriina Nuutinen (Finland), Chef Jos Timmer (Netherlands), Photographer Fabrice Fouillet (France) and kitchen designer Andrea Balonier (Germany).

Built-in Kitchen Campaign Film

The campaign film features selected content from the disruptors portraits, planning and construction phase providing a compressed overview how the kitchen comes to life – from simple personal ideas and input to a fully functional home kitchen ecosystem.

Kitchen Inspiration from Europe’s leading Creatives – 3 Video Portraits
A series of 3 portrait films from Finland, Netherlands, France and Germany display the selected disruptors in their home and personal environment discussing their needs and longings for a perfect everyday kitchen design.

Anna-Riika and Katrin Nuutinen, Designer Duo, Helsinki, Finland


Jos Timmer, Chef, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Fabrice Fouillet, Photographer, Paris, France


Andrea Balonier, Kitchen Designer, Berlin, Germany


All films and produced content around the campaign is featured on the Siemens Home Appliances website. Siemens Home Appliances has become a trusted and strong partner of Friends of Friends and FvF Productions over the years. From us providing production support and services, our own branded content formats Home Stories, Architect Dialogues and Culinary Encounters to a number of great events hosted in the modular FvF Friends Space kitchen.