TYPO Berlin 2017, Adobe Workshop and Stock Photo-Shooting and tutorial videos for InDesign and Photoshop



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Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin

Revolutionizing design with smarter online applications

Freunde von Freunden documented Adobe’s Modular Lettering Workshop at the TYPO 2017 conference in Berlin. FvF came up with a story-driven video concept where we focused on the two talented workshop moderators and designers Birgit Palma and Daniel Triendl. The video starts in Barcelona and Vienna, where FvF visits the designers in their respective studios. This visit gives the audience a unique and authentic insight into designers’ work environment, style and creates an exclusive feeling by showing the background story of the workshop. Finally, we meet the designers at the conference in Berlin where they are giving a valuable workshop on lettering at HKW Berlin.

For the integration on the FvF website, we wrote a topic-driven essay on collaborating in the cloud and how this informs our approach to design.

Insightful how-to’s with the designers

Freunde von Freunden produced a high quality timeless tutorial series for two Adobe products, Indesign and Photoshop. Inspiration and creative influence was taken from the previously produced ‘Lettering Workshop mit Birgit Palma & Daniel Triendl’ video produced by FvF Productions for Adobe in 2017. The collaboration featured two influential designers who were presenting Adobe’s products and features in a tutorial series, with a total of three videos produced per designer. The production provides an intimate insight into the designers relationship with each product, whilst also demonstrating insight and knowledge into how to operate the software.

Capturing the moment with Adobe Events

Freunde von Freunden collaborates with Adobe to produce a post-event video, covering the Adobe stock photo contributors event taking place at the FvF Friends Space in Berlin. FvF focuses on various aspects of the two day event, in particular capturing the stock contributors workshop. During this particular workshop, FvF gains statements (pieces-to-camera) from various influencers who are in attendance. FvF created a dynamic and engaging video that effectively captures the energy, and vivacity of the workshop.

  • Adobe's Modular Lettering Workshop at the TYPO 2017 conference in Berlin