Editorial series exploring the notion of home with Berlin-based creatives

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Exploring the notion of home with Berlin-based creatives

Ace & Tate is a leading Dutch eyewear brand founded by Mark de Lange in 2013. Their philosophy is to design quality, fashionable frames at a fair price allowing their customer to continuously update their glasses.

The goal of the collaboration between Ace & Tate and Friends of Friends for this particular editorial series was to raise brand awareness among local and European creatives and the Friends of Friends audience. As well as long-form interviews, each protagonist also selected their favorite Ace & Tate frames, to be showcased on their website.

Heimatbound – A conversation on the ambivalence of relocation. The joint editorial project of Ace & Tate and FvF engaged with four talents who have followed the call of Berlin as a haven to pursue creative endeavors. From musician MIKEY defining a very personal voice and illustrator Ruohan Wang finding strength in the city to DJ and co-founder of music collective Einhundert, Nico Adamako and Feminist Film Week founder Karin Fornander who have both found their stride by locating to Berlin.

Ace&Tate - Rouhan Wang
Ace&Tate - Karin Fornander
Ace&Tate - Mikey Woodbridge
Ace&Tate - Nico Adomako

With the aim to prompt conversations on the notion of home, specifically in Berlin, Heimatbound explores our chosen roots and how our identity shapes where and how we choose to live. By partnering again with Ace & Tate, we sought to tell the stories of creatives who have, for various reasons, made Berlin their base.

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AceTate - 3
AceTate - 4
AceTate - 1

Friends of Friends and Ace & Tate