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Burmester Audiosysteme


  • Burmester Audiosysteme


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June 2012



FvF developed a video profile set around on the person behind the prestigious German sound system manufacturer Burmester Audiosysteme – Dieter Burmester. The film documents the founders passion for music and cars, as well as the company’s successful evolution over the years including his business venture with Porsche.

The collaborative production illustrates FvF’s ability in publishing and distributing custom content through various platforms.

For instance FvF Productions created a company image case for the client’s purpose only but also released a second version for the FvF online magazine; focussing more on the person itself. Furthermore Dieter Burmester’s interior photography of his residence will appear exclusively in the upcoming second FvF book “Friends”.

  • Dieter Burmester Video Portrait of Burmester Audiosysteme